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General Considerations

Your resume should be easy to look at visually, using bold categories, capitalizing all words in the technical summary, detailing hardware, software, operating systems, languages, any tools you've worked with, making certain of proper grammar, diction and spelling.

In developing your resume decide whether education is a big selling feature. If you've recently completed education that is attractive to an employer (i.e. Teaching Certification, Teaching Specialties, Extra-circular activities), then put it at the top of your resume. For those whose work experience seems more relevant, education should be put at the end.

Remember, resumes must perform their function quickly. As employers may receive and skim through hundreds of applications at a time, only a few seconds may be spent reviewing each resume. The employer is looking, at all times, to reduce the number of resumes to a manageable number. To ensure your resume is given the attention it deserves, it must quickly and accurately convey that you are match the position and you should be interviewed. The more thoroughly you prepare your resume now, the more likely it is someone will read it later. For maximum impact, the resume should be arranged so the high points can be absorbed in thirty seconds. Do not, however, resort to cute gimmicks to attract attention.

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