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Interview Follow-up

After evaluating your interview and within 2 or 3 days of the interview it is a good idea to follow-up. Keep the lines of communication open between yourself and the employer. Below are some suggestions to consider when following up.

  • Send a follow-up "thank-you" letter to the employer. This shows interest and keeps your name fresh in their mind. Depending on the timeline for selection, you may want to do this by phone.

  • Refer to your post-interview evaluation notes to anticipate the employer's hesitations about you and attempt to overcome them in your follow-up.

  • The employer is looking for a person to match their requirements. If you were unable to expose some of your strengths that make that match, you can discuss them in your follow-up.

  • Mail your follow-up letter two days after the interview so that you are still on the employer's mind but do not appear too anxious.

  • You may want to call the employer 2-3 days after mailing your letter to inquire if they received it, when you could expect to hear from them, or if it would be possible to arrange a second meeting. Persistence may be necessary but do not appear to be pushy or impatient.

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